This Podcast Cost $100,000 Per Episode


    You may have heard that on Friday the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Curtis Flowers. The case of Flowers – who’s been convicted of the same crime six times – was covered extensively on season two of the podcast In the Dark.

    Host Madeleine Baran followed that decision to record an update on the case and send out an e-mail touting the importance of “rigorous, fact–based journalism.”

    She also went on to detail that each episode of In The Dark costs American Public Media $100,000 to produce. “From living in and reporting from Mississippi for almost a year to the time spent writing, producing and editing, it’s a time-intensive, expensive project to bring you each episode and ultimately help lead to a result like this one.”

    Baran’s e-mail also included a link for supporters of the show to make a donation. “Join our Facebook group today to access a live video from Winona, Miss. with Samara on Monday, June 24. Your donation of $50 or more gets you access to the group and funds ongoing reporting.”


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