This “Odd Ball” Has Experts Baffled


Odd Ball is a new paranormal podcast launching Monday, and published every Monday for five weeks. It’s produced by WJCT (Jacksonville) Public Media’s, Lindsey Kilbride. See if this is spooky enough for you…

In 1974, Gerri Betz and her son Terry found a metal sphere on their property on Jacksonville’s Fort George Island. Not long after, witnesses say the ball started vibrating and seemingly rolling with of own volition. The family poodle would whimper and cover its ears near the ball. That’s when the Navy and nationally renowned UFO scientists took an interest in investigating the ball. Betz doesn’t speak about the ball these days. Odd Ball aims to figure out what the ball could have been, who has it, and if there’s any way Gerri Betz will finally talk.

Several independent podcasts in the paranormal genre have published episodes about the “Betz Sphere,” but Kilbride is determined to investigate the mystery with more rigor.

Listen to the trailer HERE.