This Monkey Is On A Mission


Sebastian Arciszewski is the Chief Podcast Discovery Dude for Find That Pod. His mission is to solve podcasting’s discovery problem … five podcasts at a time!

PBJ: What is Find That Pod, and when and why did you launch it?
Sebastian Arciszewski: Find That Pod is a weekly newsletter designed to help solve the problem of podcast discovery. Each week the newsletter brings a valuable set of five new podcasts that I hope subscribers will listen to.

PBJ: What is your background in the podcasting space?
Sebastian Arciszewski: My only background in the podcasting space is that I’ve been listening to podcasts for much longer than the average person, way before the Serial craze brought in millions of new podcast listeners. I believe I first started to tune in around 2005 when Apple first added podcasts to iTunes. By trade, I’m a digital marketer running a marketing agency. Find That Pod is a simple labor of love, a love letter of sorts to the podcasting industry.

Sebastian Arciszewski
Chief Podcast Discovery Dude at Find That Pod

PBJ: Your newsletter delivers five podcasts to subscribers per week. How do you determine those five?
Sebastian Arciszewski: Simply by listening. I’m one of those people that far oversubscribes to way too many podcasts than I can possibly listen to, but I’m always trying to find new favorites. So the newsletter really is just a natural extension of my regular podcast discovery activity.

PBJ: Is there really a discovery problem in podcasting?
Sebastian Arciszewski: I think there is a tremendous podcast discovery problem. Go ahead and look at the number of people that are tweeting “podcast recommendations” every day. Then also compare which podcasts the major platforms are promoting through their discovery tools. They’re all the same top podcasts! Everyone knows about these already, but it’s both the new and long-running podcasts that I aim to discover which can unearth some incredible pods.

PBJ: What’s with the monkey?
Sebastian Arciszewski: We’re all just advanced apes with something blasting in our ears, aren’t we?

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