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They Launched To Make You Comfortable in Your Own Skin

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In our latest edition of ‘Why Did You Launch’ we interview Brad Pritchett and Ryan Brockington who’ve been best friends for 25 years. Today they launched a new podcast called BFFU where they tell the story about growing up straight and “turning out gorgeously gay.” The new podcast is LGBTQ centric.

PBJ: Why did you launch this podcast? Pritchett and Brockington: We launched this podcast to give people a reason to laugh a lot, learn a little and live their most authentic lives. We’ve been best friends for 25 years and the experiences we’ve shared growing up “straight” in our small Texas hometown and then moving into big city corporate jobs later in life (with families) are worth sharing. There’s always room for another show out there that addresses real life issues in today’s world and we’re excited to have the platform to address those… and then some.

PBJ: What is your goal with the podcast? Pritchett and Brockington: Our goal is for listeners to hear what we have to say and somehow become more comfortable in their own skin. We want to create a safe place for people of all ages, all walks of life, all colors and all orientations to disconnect from the outside world (once a week) and be transported to a place that is inclusive and entertaining all at the same time.

PBJ: How did you get into podcasting and how did you learn how to do it? Pritchett and Brockington: We both have professional backgrounds in hosting. Whether it be on TV, online, in-person events or radio - we were born with the “gift of gab” and what better medium to utilize those talents now then a podcast!

PBJ: How do you plan to stand out talking about this topic? Pritchett and Brockington: We think we will stand out because of our history together, most podcast with cohost tend to either be paired up or have a past that is wrapped-up in a single experience (cast members of a show, etc.). We share so many things that we hope our listeners will relate to because they have had similar experiences with their friends — or will. While we both happen to be gay, our podcast is about learning from your past, tackling your now, and looking at your future like it’s a big juicy apple and you’re hungry as hell.

PBJ: What are your day jobs while you try to make millions podcasting? Pritchett and Brockington: To be clear, we are not trying to make money with our podcast. Thankfully, we both have careers that allow us enough to live happily, but also allow us to dive head first in BFFU without worrying about if a sponsor will be offended by what we talk about on-air. This podcast isn’t for commercialism or celebrity, it’s for the two lost yet hopeful kids we once were - who desperately needed to know it was OK to be yourself. We’re here to tell those kids that it not only IS OK, but it’s In fact way more fun than being who the world wants you to be.

Listen in to the show HERE

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