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They Launched to Make Life Suck Less

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The New York Times has a profile feature on how Lemonada Media founders Jessica Cordova Kramer, and Stephanie Wittels Wachs came together through grief at losing their brothers to overdose to make uplifting podcasts about difficult topics.

When Kramer heard Wachs on a podcast talking about losing her brother to overdose she contacted her and they ended up collaborating on a podcast about the opioid crisis called Last Day and from there they continued to work together on other problems like guns and health care, and are currently producing a show about America’s child care crisis called No One Is Coming To Save Us.

“We had this idea about making life suck less, through podcasts,” Jessica Cordova Kramer, the network’s co-founder, explained.

“We can’t solve opioids. We can’t solve guns. We’re not saying like, if you listen, you’ll know exactly what to do,” Wittels Wachs said of Lemonada’s shows. “But we get paralyzed by these things. And then we just feel like really hopeless. So we make people feel inspired. Or a little bit better. Or less alone.”

(note: your writer Joshua Dudley, was recently interviewed for one of their shows but I can’t reveal which one until the episode date is confirmed)

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