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They Launched Because They Can't Stop Talking About Films

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Justin Khoo and his wife Laura Khoo have been watching movies together ever since their first date and they decided to make a podcast talking about movies with a title that’s part of a Werner Herzog quote - Cows in the Field.

Here’s what Justin has to say about his bi-weekly podcast:

We started our podcast because we think there’s something special and profound lurking within every popular film and we wanted to create a space to discuss and appreciate the movies we love. We’re a husband, Justin Khoo (professor of philosophy at MIT), and a wife, Laura Khoo, who saw Gomorrah (2008) on our first date, and ever since then we can’t stop watching and talking about, movies together. In each episode, we explore the philosophical and aesthetic depths of a popular movie, from Groundhog Day to Tenet to Happy Gilmore. We are sometimes joined by guests (film critics like Emily VanDerWerff or professors of philosophy like Agnes Callard or filmmakers like Whit Stillman), and we sometimes spend two and a half hours debating whether Forrest Gump is a whitewashing of American history, or an allegory of the benefits of reparations. Werner Herzog once said, “We have to articulate ourselves, otherwise we would be cows in the field,” and we can’t think of a better namesake for a podcast aimed at articulating what moves us about movies. We hope you’ll come along with us on this journey, and if you do, please reach out on Twitter, @cowspod!

Cows in the Field is available on Apple and Spotify as well. I’ve listened to a few of their episodes and I think you’ll enjoy their energy and their rousing discussions.

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