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The Top Ten Podcast Clubs on Clubhouse

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If you’re into podcast marketing and you’re not on Clubhouse, you might be missing out! The audio-only social media channel has a number of podcast clubs and a Clubhouse substack just posted the top ten clubs based on discussion topics.

As you can see below, a lot of the discussion is about sports, but there is a lot of podcast marketing talk going on and this list can be a guide to the best places to jump in.

  1. NBA Fan Club – 69.2k
  2. Clubpod – 56.1k
  3. Premier League Banter FC – 55.2k
  4. Manchester United FC Fans – 47.9k
  5. Podcast Secrets Revealed – 29.6k
  6. Podcasters Class – 28.3k
  7. Podcasting Seriously – 22.1k
  8. Beatific Sounds – 14.5k
  9. The Power of Podcasting – 14.1k
  10. Fashion Radio – 13.2k


Antionette Blake -

I guess it’s time to start scheduling my “Podcasting Your Purpose” events!

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