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The Search for Buried Truth

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ABC Audio launched the first episode of its new podcast, Soul of a Nation: Tulsa’s Buried Truth, about the racially motivated attack on Black communities in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 when a violent mob killed as many as 300 Black Americans.

It’s written and hosted by ABC News Senior National Correspondent Steve Osunsami, features The View co-host Sunny Hostin, and is a companion to the ABC documentary television series Soul of a Nation about the realities of Black life in America today.

The Tulsa attack occurred in less than 24 hours along with the destruction of many Black homes. The collective memory of the massacre was buried by a culture of silence and many victims’ bodies were never found. But now one century later, the possibility of mass graves buried beneath Tulsa has led to a renewed search for answers. Featuring archival audio accounts from witnesses and interviews with historians, Tulsa’s Buried Truth brings listeners through the painful history and into the modern-day quest for closure and healing.  

Previous ABC Audio projects include their daily podcast Start Here and The Dropout.

The first episode is available now, as well as a trailer.

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