Podcast To TV Coverage Continues


And it’s all good news for the podcasting space. This time it’s The Verge picking up on how many podcasts are being adapted to the little screen in a lengthy article called, “In the race to turn podcasts into TV shows, the podcasts are winning.”

While Homecoming and Dirty John seem to get all the Television attention as of late, the podcast-to-TV list is getting longer and it’s all because podcasters putting these shows together really know how to tell a story.

The Verge article states that, “Podcasts remain a steadily growing cultural phenomenon, familiar to more households than in any previous year, and studios have taken notice. They’ve gobbled up properties left and right, not unlike the comic-book land-grab of several years ago.

The Verge points out that among the podcasts that have been optioned for TV in the past few years are Lore, Alice Isn’t Dead, The Bright Sessions, Tanis, The Unexpected Disappearance of Mars Patel, Limetown, The Black Tapes, 2 Dope Queens and Maron, based loosely off Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.

Why is taking a podcast and transforming it into a TV show working? According to Verge writer Jordan White more people than ever, especially those with the power and capital to make a show, are listening, and if the right person listens at the right time, who knows what could happen?

So keep launching and producing those podcasts everyone. It’s all about the content and if you are a great storyteller, it could be your story we’re all watching on Television next.