NEW: The Mysterious “Murder In Oregon”


True crime podcasts continue to enjoy immense popularity. With that in mind, iHeartRadio has launched a new true-crime series, Murder In Oregon, that covers one of that state’s most notorious unsolved mysteries: the 1989 murder of Michael Francke, former Director of Oregon’s Department of Corrections. This podcast is particularly timely as the man convicted of murdering Francke, Frank Gable, was recently exonerated and released from prison, after serving almost three decades behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit.

The show is hosted by Lauren Bright Pacheco, a New York City-based writer and producer, and Phil Stanford, a renowned writer who has written several books on crime and corruption. Going into the “belly of the beast,” the hosts interview a wide range of compelling subjects who lived every aspect of the story, to investigate and examine the motivations behind Michael Francke’s murder.

Listen to episode one HERE, or read more about the show HERE.