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The Joy And Curse of Creating Great Podcast Content

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(By Buzz Knight) The curse first. It’s 11:53pm on Sunday night. I’m tossing and turning. It’s a mental wrestling match with myself. I have two episodes of the Takin A Walk Podcast Series I’ll be recording today.

One is William Martin the Author of many historical thrillers including his latest December 41. The other is with Julie Russell, a brilliant entrepreneur who has created a brand called Fangirl Fantasy that is sweeping the country. Julie is a former co-worker who has it all rolling these days.

It’s not a fear of the unknown that is making me restless but it is the desire to get both recordings right that keeps me up. Nervous energy because even though I have no doubt they will be great guests I need to get my part right to make it great.

OK enough curse.

The joys are many.

Nervous energy is one.

I remember that energy well back to my on air days, especially those in NY. An excitement for the challenge. The other joys are based around the thirst for learning. Learning something new about my guests and their success. What makes them tick and become successful? What are their traits of success?

Everyone has a story and I am eager to hear their story. What a joy for me to be in that position to have this platform called Takin A Walk. Maybe something I learn in the process someone else will benefit from?

An aspiring novelist

A budding entrepreneur with a dream

The notion that everyone has a story to tell is the basis for Takin A Walk. It’s a joy to have that access to so many wonderful people. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share it with the world.

Thanks for letting me share my story Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 during this week’s Podcast Business Journal/ Radio Ink How to make Real Money Podcasting Conference.

Now onto some sleep.

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