“The Impact” Returns For Season 3


Season 3 of Vox’s The Impact podcast is kicking off with a new host, Jillian Weinberger, as she dives deep into the proposals from 2020 presidential candidates, including solutions to some of our country’s biggest problems: climate change, the opioid epidemic, the high cost of health care, and higher education.

This season, The Impact has the stories of how all those proposals played out in years past, and what the U.S. could learn from them going forward. The show will also be going back in time — to the height of the Vietnam War, to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s — and all over the world, from Melbourne to Taipei to Düsseldorf.

The first episode, “How to Stop an Epidemic,” takes a look at Elizabeth Warren’s plan to fight the opioid epidemic, based on what we did to fight the AIDS crisis, is available today (Thursday). New episodes of The Impact will publish Wednesdays.


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