The Facebook Interview


In June Facebook entered the podcast space by allowing podcasters to use the platform to share their show. On The New Media Show Wednesday Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee interviewed Chelsea White and Irena Lam from Facebook to discuss what they are hoping to achieve by getting into the podcast space. Here’s what Rob and Todd took away from that interview…

Todd’s take: That it’s the early days and the engagement with podcast is off the charts. They mentioned 170 million interactions with podcast content already on the platform. They will likely support groups at some point, but for now, you’ll need to share from your page to a group. It also appeared they will be thinking about helping podcasters monetize but they will not be getting into the podcast hosting business.

Rob’s take: They seemed very committed to some sort of monetization strategy. Global submissions to FB pages, but listening is USA only still.

Listen to the interview HERE
Watch the interview HERE


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