The Evolution Begins


(By Matty Staudt) As someone who’s attended Podcast Movement for years, I’m constantly amazed at how it continues to grow. This week, new and veteran podcasters are gathering at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles for Podcast Movement’s new conference called Evolutions.

This iteration of Podcast Movement is a first and even on day one seems to be as popular as the traditional Podcast Movement that will be held later this year in Dallas. On the first day, folks new to PM had an orientation on what’s happening and how to get the most out of their experience. Plus, there was an awesome welcome party hosted by Wondery.

At the orientation there were a lot of new podcasters and first time Podcast Movement attendees. One of them Britt Winchester from Portland OR , who hosts a podcast called “Snark Tank” where they talk about weird and interesting inventions throughout history. She told me she’s attending the show to learn as much as she can. “I’m completely self taught and new to podcasting. I hope I can learn a lot and hone my craft.”

Another new podcaster, Judy Breuer from Duluth MN, hosts a 3-year old podcast called “Wellness Renaissance.” Why is Judy here at Evolutions? “I came to my first Podcast Movement to learn how to be better at what I do and really grow my podcast.” Growing audience seems to be a real theme with most of the folks here.

Over the next several days podcasters will be attending seminars and listening to speakers who will cover issues including: building an audience, effective storytelling, dynamic insertion and attribution, and social media marketing. Plus they’ll be treated to some great speakers including iHeartRadio’s Bob Pittman and Conal Byrne, Wondery CEO Hernan Lopez, Jake Brennan, Busy Phillips, and Aaron Mahnke.

We will be keeping you updated on the action as it happens and I will make sure to share both the good and awkward moments of the week.

Matty Staudt is the former Director of Content at Stitcher, VP of Podcast Programming at iHeartRadio and now President of Jam Street Media in Los Angeles. Follow him @mattystaudt on social or email


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