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The Entire Internet Will Be a Podcast

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That’s what iHeartMedia’s Conal Byrne writes in Forbes in a column called Four Podcast Predictions for 2022. Byrne writes that while the medium now is mostly podcasters making podcasts today, the entire internet will soon be converted to audio that’s distributed on-demand.

He also says podcasters who are experimenting with digital will soon realize they don’t really need it. “Audio production costs are streamlined and efficient, and the additional investment needed for video recording and conversion may not see a worthy return on investment when it comes to clicks.”

And, Byrne says the podcasting industry will lead the charge for the under-represented. “With efforts like The Black Effect and My Cultura, which are both co-owned by my company iHeartMedia, as well as Pod Sauce and the Loud Speakers Network, BIPOC creators are jumping into podcasting fast — and it’s creating a positive effect on the listener base, too.”

Byrne also does a lot of self-promoting for his company iHeartMedia, in which he is the CEO of the Digital Audio Group.

Read the full article HERE.

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