The Economist and The World Collaborating


The World, the daily radio program of global news and analysis from public media organizations GBH and PRX, and current affairs publication The Economist, have announced a collaboration on international news coverage for the U.S. audience.

The World will feature audio stories from The Economist’s podcasts on an ongoing basis, on Fridays. An example of this collaboration can be heard here, addressing the displacement and persecution of the Uighur people.

The Economist’s podcasts include current-affairs show The Intelligence with Jason Palmer and The Economist Asks with Anne McElvoy.

The World will also feature correspondents from The Economist to provide insight on issues facing the global community pertaining to business, politics, science and technology, and more. For instance, The Economist’s U.S. digital editor, Jon Fasman, recently joined The World to discuss President Trump’s damaged legacy.

“The Economist’s approach and authority on the international stage dovetails seamlessly with our news broadcast,” said Patti Daniels, Supervising Producer of The World. “We share a goal to provide deep context behind complex global issues and events. We’re thrilled to collaborate in order to bring our listeners even more must-hear perspectives.”

The Economist and The World share a commitment to curiosity about the stories and figures shaping our world and to presenting these with originality and flair to engage our audiences. We believe our podcasts and an established US radio provider are a very fruitful match as we take our audio commitment to the next stage,” said Anne McElvoy, Senior Editor & Director of Economist Radio at The Economist.


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