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Rogan Takedown

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YouTube has removed the episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, featuring Dr. Robert Malone.

The video has long since gone viral. Malone, who claims to be part of a group that reportedly created the mRNA technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines, drew parallels between current American society and Germany when the Nazis came into power.

Rogan has an exclusive deal with Spotify for his podcast. Fans find ways to post his videos on platforms like YouTube.

Social Media platforms have taken it upon themselves to censor contant that, in any way, questions the COVID-19 vaccine.


David Goffin -

I am not sure I understand this line “Social Media platforms have taken it upon themselves to censor contant that, in any way, questions the COVID-19 vaccine”. I do not feel this is true in any way. Social Media like Twitter and Facebook have censored folks who blatantly and consistently post false information / lies about the vaccine or Covid. That is different than “censor in any way”. Can you please retract your line above or explain it better? This is important. thank you

#### [Rocky]( "") -

If you did not listen to the interview, then please do. After you do, explain what is false after watching all social media remove all signs of Dr. Malone and this information from their platforms. I doubt you will be able to explain what Dr. Malone is saying that is false. He has the credentials, the proof, he’s a patent holder registered with the US Patent Office. Everything he talks about is both true and logical based on research and statistics. You have been so completely gaslighted by social media, you can’t even tell anymore what is true. It’s time to wake up and realize that we have lost the right to free speech legislated by big tech.

#### [Lisa]( "") -

I agree with you, David. This sentence in the article deeply irresponsible.

#### [Tim]( "") -

If they removed that line, then it would be the most blatant example of censorship. And the reason we should all be concerned. Social media and media has decided to remove and censor any discussions or questions about vaccines or their safety. It is extremely dangerous for YouTube videos or podcasts or articles or sentences to be filtered out of the conversation. That danger is much greater than any open discussion and questions. Also, I have listened to this full interview and I highly recommend everyone listen before judging it false.

#### [JK]( "") -

Agreed: social media is censoring outright lies that are dangerous to public and personal health, but they are certainly allowing debate. Malone was one of many who did good research that was used by the massive teams that actually did invent the mRna vaccines. He did not invent it. His claim that vaccines make you worse are actual lies, because he has seen the science and statistics that prove otherwise. The hospitalization and death numbers are not lies. His personal experience with Moderna vaccine is that he took it AFTER he was exposed to Covid, which is not how vaccines work, which he knows. He blames his lingering respiratory issues on the vaccine, rather than his own irresponsibility for not getting vaccinated, and then for misusing the vaccine. The symptoms he speaks of are actually long Covid and mirror the symptoms of every other unvaccinated person who has lingering issues. Fairly or not, he’s bitter that mRna inventions are being credited to the large group of global scientists who did the work, rather than naming him for authoring an early study on mice proteins, so he’s on a slash-and-burn mission, and Rogan and many others are happy for the ratings boost that comes from providing a platform for anger & hate. Taking important medical and science advice from a disgruntled, angry scientist and a comedian/reality-show host is bananas.

#### [Harry]( "") -

YouTube and the rest of social media can’t handle the other side of the story. Anything that is against the “narrative” is verboten.

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