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Television Steals Another Podcast Idea

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Another successful podcast is set to become a TV show. The first season of “Dead and Gone” is currently being adapted for television with Wheelhouse Entertainment and documentary filmmaker, Joe Berlinger.

Dead and Gone is from Tenderfoot TV and Double Elvis. The show explores cases of murdered and missing “Deadheads” that have tragically occurred over the past five decades.

In August of 1986, the bodies of Mary Regina Gioia, 22, and Gregory Allen Kniffin, 18, two fans of the Grateful Dead, were found in the San Francisco Bay, beaten and shot to death. Thirty-one-year-old Ralph International Thomas, a Black man, was arrested and sentenced to death for the murders. He died in prison in 2014, after multiple unsuccessful appeals. “Dead and Gone” looks deeper into Thomas’ 1986 conviction, tracking down key witnesses in the present day and coming face to face with potential new suspects, shedding new light on the question of whether Thomas was, in fact, guilty of murder.

Said Berlinger, “As a former Deadhead, lifelong music fan and crime and justice filmmaker, I thought I died and went to heaven when listening to Payne and Jake’s meticulously researched podcast. ‘Dead and Gone’ is an incredible weave of music history, social justice, and active true-crime investigation – three areas that I have been lucky enough to explore in most of my past work as a filmmaker. There is so much potential here to not only immerse viewers in the iconic world of the Grateful Dead and their itinerant, dedicated fans, but to also dissect a troubling story of potential wrongful conviction, a story that is infused with a compelling mystery that surrounds the entire case even to this day.”

“Dead and Gone” podcast is distributed in partnership with Cadence13. UTA represents Tenderfoot TV and Double Elvis.

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