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Systematic is Back

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Colorado Public Radio’s podcast Systemic, an audio documentary that takes an look at people working to reform institutions, returns January 10 for a second season. The first season focused on police reform efforts, season two will focus on inclusion and equity in public schools.

Host Jo Erickson: “One thing I’ve learned from making this show is that sometimes, to understand a system, a bird’s-eye view can reveal so much more. Listening to audio diaries of educators, teachers and parents of color is a different type of journalism. I get to experience their hopes, fears and triumphs. And for a brief moment I understand what it’s like to be them.”

In the four-part audio documentary, Erickson follows a diverse group of educators, students and parents during a school year in which debates around race and equity in public education reached a fever pitch. It’s a tale of two school districts in Denver and Colorado Springs that are a short drive from one another, but are adopting very different approaches to thinking about race and equity. Through first-hand audio diaries, “Systemic” captures the pivotal moments in a school year filled with tense confrontations and surprising glimmers of hope.

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