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Study: Podcasts More Popular in Larger Markets

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A study conducted in March and April by FMR Associates and Eastlan Ratings determined that podcast listening in the top 30 markets is now at 31% while listening in smaller markets is at 17% and declining.

The two organizations say they conducted the survey to determine the listening levels of different types of audio compared to six months ago and how that listening may be different based on market size or geography.

FMR’s Kent Phillips says to conduct the study they used “a statistically projectable sample of anywhere from 750-1000 from online surveys to get the results. 850 were needed for this survey to fill all quotas for age, region, market size.”

Other details shared from the study: - In the last six months weekly podcast listening increased to 25% of the 25-64 adult population of the US.  That number was under 5% just five years ago. Most who listen to podcasts also listen weekly to AM/FM Radio (95%).

- Listening levels are about the same between men and women.

- Weekly podcast listening is much more popular in larger markets at 31% weekly in the top 30 markets compared to only 17% usage in markets 101 and smaller.

The national survey of 25- to 64-year-old adults were taken from thousands surveyed each month by Eastlan.


Margo Lovett -

Question about the FMR Eastland piece - are these numbers reflecting podcast and am/fm activity? If so, what portion belongs to podcasts?

#### [Taylor Mount]( "") -

What’re the top 30 markets and the “smaller” markets?

#### [Harry Alexander]( "") -

What a bunch of garbage! Podcasts are meant to be listened to at one’s leisure (downloads)–not like listening to a radio broadcast. Who cares what the “market share” happens to be? These people seem to equate podcast listening with broadcast listening which is bogus. This “research” is comparing apples to oranges.

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