Stats, Stats, We Have Podcasting Stats.


Actually these stats come from Rob Walch, Libsyn’s VP of Podcaster Relations. Walch filled the world in on the top podcast apps, the most popular countries for podcasting and more.




Apple remains the dominant podcast listening app.
Here are the top five:
Apple Podcasts (and iTunes) – 57.9%
Spotify – 13.1%
Overcast – 2.8
Castbox – 2.7%
Stitcher – 2.3%
Google Podcast – 1.8%

The most podcast downloads came from these five countries, according to Walch. The United States was by far the top country for downloads (63.4%), followed by Canada (5.4%), the U.K (5.3%), Australia (3.5%) and Sweden (2.6%).

Mobile downloads for September were down slightly, to 84.9% of all podcasts downloaded (from 85.2% in August). Computer downloads were up slightly to 14.9%. Smart Speakers are still miniscule when it comes to podcast listening, making up only .2% of listening, according to Walch.

Walch announced the September stats on the latest episode of The Feed which he hosts with Elsie Escobar.


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