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Stars Talk Mental Health

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Therapy platform BetterHelp has launched its first podcast with hosts licensed therapists Micheline Maalouf and Nadia Addesi. Guests on _Getting Bette_r include Chris Bosh, Meghan Trainor, Ian Somerhalder and Rebel Wilson.

In each episode, Micheline and Nadia dive into the special guest’s experiences with mental health– whether it’s anxiety, panic disorders, eating disorders, or depression– and discuss coping mechanisms and each guest’s own mental health journey.

Fans of these celebrities will be excited to hear them open up about their personal struggles and experiences with mental health. “The mission is to make the conversation about mental health louder,” Brittany Clevenger of BetterHelp adds, “With our incredible guests being open about their struggles, it lets everyone know that these struggles are a normal part of being human, and it helps mental health become a topic as regular as physical health.”

BetterHelp’s Brittany Clevenger and James Imrie, Sahiba Krieger and Sim Sarna will executive produce the podcast for Cloud10 Media.

“It’s so refreshing to hear all of our personal icons open up about their mental health. This podcast is meant to be a safe space, and it truly is,” says Cloud10 CEO and executive producer, Sim Sarna.

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