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Squadcast Now Supports Recording of Up to 10 People

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Squadcast announced a major update increasing their limit of four people recording together to as many as 10 people total in addition to automatic leveling and noise filtering in collaboration with Dolby Voice and they added screen sharing.

Here’s a list of their new features with Dolby Voice:

  1. Normalize loudness to -16 LUFS, the industry standard, with Dolby Dialog Intelligence

  2. Optimize speech dynamics and tonality that may be skewed by microphone technique

  3. Reduce background noise and sounds that are not human speech

  4. Filter out undesirable noises like thumps and low-frequency hums under 100 Hz

  5. Reduce sibilance from harsh consonant sounds like “s”, “ch”, or “th” to enhance speech

They also announced connectivity updates that will better attempt to reconnect with a lost guest and the addition of pronouns in the name input section.

Some updates are not available in their standard tier of $20 for five hours of recording a month and require you to use their pro version of $50 a month for 12 hours of recording.

Full price list and options available here.

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