Spotify Tries To Make Podcast Listening Easier


After a month of testing, Spotify is separating podcasts and music to make listening to podcasts easier for users. The company says the new design gives users more control over the podcast listening experience, and helps discover new shows and episodes.

Spotify users can now   manage podcasts in three sections: Episodes, Downloads, and Shows.

Episodes: The Episodes tab allows you to quickly find new episodes or resume podcasts you’re listening to, so picking up where you left off is a snap. And further down the list you’ll find newly released episodes of all the podcasts you follow. So, for example, the episode of The Rewind with Guy Raz that you paused yesterday will appear up top, followed by the new episode of Jemele Hill is Unbothered you’d been waiting for.

Downloads: This tab serves as your repository for the podcast episodes you’ve downloaded—so you can listen even when you’re offline.

Shows: The new Shows tab allows you to quickly manage the podcasts you follow and explore their past episodes. The higher up a podcast appears on your list in this section, the more recently a new episode became available.

Get more details HERE.


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