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Spotify Tries To Make Life Easier For Podcasters

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This is an archived page from 2019. Find out more

Soundtrap, a Spotify company, has launched Soundtrap for Storytellers, a cloud-based one-stop shop for podcast creation that provides podcasters with a user-friendly recording and production process.

The platform allows podcasters to focus on storytelling by reducing the time and investment needed to make podcasts sound professional.

Features include: Interactive Transcripts/Editing Studio: Transcribe and edit the spoken-word audio file as you would in a text document. Collaborate and Remotely Interview Guests: Cloud-based platform allows multiple people to talk, record (on separate tracks) and work on the same podcast by sending a link to join the session remotely. Increase Discoverability: Publish your podcast transcript to increase SEO, drive traffic to your podcast, and gain new fans. Sound Effects: Create your own jingle and complete your production with sound design using Soundtrap’s built-in instruments and loops.

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