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Spotify Announces Podcasting Changes

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On Wednesday at Spotify’s Stream On event in Los Angeles the company made a slew of announcements including the launch of a “re-envisioned” Spotify for Podcasters that includes integrating Megaphone into Spotify for Podcasters. No additional details were made available about the integration as of yet.

Spotify also shared updates on the tools it’s providing podcasters and publishers to monetize their content, including the Spotify Audience Network and a new partnership with Patreon.

Since launching the Spotify Audience Network, Spotify’s audio-first marketplace that connects podcast publishers and independent creators with advertisers, in 2021, Spotify announced that monthly payout to opted-in publishers has grown by nearly 50%. And advertiser participation has increased by 500%.  The number of independent and enterprise podcasters taking part in SPAN has grown over 700% in the last two years, the company said.

Spotify also announced it was partnering with Patreon to enable creators to make money through direct payments from fans, and allow fans to listen to their Patreon content on Spotify.

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