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(SPONSORED) Vodcast - Beta App and Podcaster Platform

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Auddia Inc. announces a public beta for podcasters. Vodacast is an interactive podcasting app for podcasters and consumers, available in iOS and Android, as well as an interactive podcasting platform, providing podcasters the opportunity to enhance their episodes with rich, digital content feeds meant to compliment the audio.

Vodacast provides innovative content, marketing and revenue opportunities for podcasters.

  • Interactive episode feeds
  • The Hub
  • Marketing and revenue benefits 
  • Browser extension (Chrome)
  • Episode feed shareability 

Interactive episode feeds are the core of the Vodacast listener experience, allowing podcasters to tell deeper, digital stories with supplemental content, while also enriching the look and feel of their brands. Photos, GIFs and contextual links can be presented to the podcaster’s audience and linked to precise timestamps of any episode–hand-curated, digital content, providing listeners deeper audio/digital podcasting experiences.

The Vodacast Hub is an integral part of the interactive podcasting platform, where podcasters can verify podcasts, create accounts and start building digital content feeds for their episodes. The design of the Hub is intended to help podcasters organize, research and publish content for upcoming episodes–an organizational tool to help publish digital episode content from one easy-to-use location.

Marketing and revenue benefits–Vodacast provides value to podcasters through various digital strategies. 1. Patreon donations/subscriptions 2. web/social, paid event, affiliate network traffic 3. digital ad inventory 4. new ad opportunities, like programmatic, coming in the future.

The Vodacast browser plugin will allow podcasters to save webpage content to episode boards in the Hub, so they can quickly research and build episode feeds. The design approach for the plugins should be easy and intuitive, allowing podcasters to organize research and quickly build low-friction episode content in minutes.

Episode feed shareability–the Vodacast Hub will provide an Episode Feed Link that can be published in podcast show notes, allowing content syndication across other podcast apps.

Podcasters wanting to get started with the Vodacast platform can click here. Check out an enhanced Morbidology episode feed here.

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