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(SPONSORED) 4 Videos to Inspire Your 2023 Strategy

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Mic technique, success strategies, podcast advertising, and growth are all topics worth brushing up on when setting your 2023 goals. As tech and podcasting evolve, recommendations and best practices from the experts do as well. So check out these monthly live interviews with podcasting experts and friends of Libsyn. You’ll be able to check off that goal of deep-dive learning before 2023 even starts! (read more)

Don’t Plateau! Keep Increasing Your Podcast Audience with Chris Krimitsos, CEO of Podfest Expo, Hala Taha, creator and CEO of YAP Media, and join Bryan Green, Director of Audience Development, AdvertiseCast. Mic Basics — How to Make Your Voice Sound Amazing with Michelle Levitt from HeilSound. Breakthroughs In Podcasting Success with Kate Erickson from Entrepreneurs on FireThe Benefits of an Advertising Marketplace for Podcasters & Advertisers — a Deep Dive with Dave Hanley, CRO, AdvertiseCast, and Brian Barletta from Sounds ProfitableThat endless line or extra-long car ride over the holidays might be the perfect time to listen to these inspiring creators. Next up, on January 19, 2023, we’ve got Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative with Brian Cottington for a special live editing session. Learn from the best, and you’ll be ready to accomplish your 2023 goals.

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