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Sounder Sync's With Podcast Index's Namespace

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

Sounder says The Podcast Index is leading the charge toward maintaining an open, independent podcasting ecosystem to protect free speech and competitive innovation in the industry.

The Podcast Index was created by Adam Curry and Dave Jones.

Sounder says it is now syncing all podcasts with The Podcast Index.

The Podcast Index has a unique set of tags giving anyone access to a categorized and comprehensive database of all podcasts on the web. It’s an alternative to Apple’s directory, which Apple controls and is subject to their changing priorities.

RSS feeds for all Sounder podcasts now support the following tags: podcast:person, podcast:guid, podcast:episode, podcast:season, and, importantly, podcast:transcript.

Because Sounder built transcription technology into every member account, transcripts are automatically available to supporting apps via RSS feed.

Sounder has additional updates to its products that you can read about HERE.

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