Sounder, DAX Roll Out New Feature


Podcast management platform Sounder is teaming up with DAX to launch a new monetization tool for podcaters who have more than 25,000 monthly streams. DAX’s network has hundreds of national brands in its network.

“We are creating the first end-to-end podcast management platform, and monetization is a key pillar of that experience,” said Kal Amin, Co-founder and CEO of Sounder. “With this launch, we are helping creators boost their clout with access to nationally recognized brand advertisers and earn more money for their passion, while ensuring creators retain full control over the listening experience. We’re also helping brands broaden their reach by bringing an expansive list of new creator voices to the market.”

“As the business of podcasting continues to advance, we are delighted to team up with Sounder, said Matt Cutair, CEO of DAX US. “Our new partnership will unlock a simple monetization solution for podcast creators, and through DAX, leading brands and advertisers will be able to reach podcast audiences which are growing exponentially.”


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