Sony Music To Develop Original Content


Sony Music has made an investment in podcast production house Neon Hum, forming a new partnership that will expand their development of original podcast content. The music company has been very aggressive, as of late, in expanding its podcast division.

Founded by podcast producer Jonathan Hirsch, Neon Hum has helped create multiple podcast hits including the “Bag Man” with Rachel Maddow, “The Thing About Pam,” “Room 20,” Crooked Media’s “This Land” and L.A. Times Studios’ “Larger Than Life.” Hum also served as a production partner on “Dr. Death,” which has been downloaded more than 50 million times, made available in seven different languages, and is being adapted for television.

Under the agreement, Neon Hum will expand the overall number of shows it produces and develop new original podcast concepts in collaboration with Sony Music, beginning with a slate of new shows across multiple genres coming in 2020.

Hirsch will lead the joint venture and Neon Hum will manage all creative aspects of the relationship, including podcast writing, production and recording. As a partner in podcasting, Sony Music will provide its expertise in content creation, marketing and monetization to help enhance the scale and scope of Neon Hum’s work.