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Neyfakh Moving On From Slow Burn

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In a series of tweets, Slow Burn host, and Slate writer Leon Neyfakh announced he is leaving the company to start his own podcast called FIASCO. Neyfakh is very bullish on podcasting. Here’s what he had to say. “Making podcasts right now is as thrilling as it must have been to work in magazines in the 60s, film in the 70s, or TV in the early 2000s. (Also pop-punk in the mid-90s)”

Neyfakh was with Slate for four years. The podcast Slow Burn is produced by Slate Plus, a division of Slate (and will continue with new hosts). The first season was about the Watergate scandal and the second is about the Impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Initially, Neyfakh   and his team will be focused on making one new podcast and it will be on a new platform he will announce at a later date.

The new podcast FIASCO will be about the past — why the history we half-remember played out the way it did, and what marks it left on the world we live in.

Andrew Parsons and Madeline Kaplan, who also worked on Slow Burn, are also leaving Slate to work with Neyfakh

The first season of the Fiasco podcast, arriving in the first half of 2019, will be about Bush v. Gore and the battle over the 2000 election.

The second season, which will come out a bit later in the year, will tell the story of the Iran-Contra scandal.

See his full Twitter rant HERE Listen to Slow Burn HERE

*****This story has been updated to correct the headline. The podcast Slow Burn will continue. That podcast is not ending. **

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