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SiriusXM To Target Listeners

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SiriusXM’s SXM has introduced a new product called **AudioID **powered by AdsWizz, a listener identity solution that will allow marketers to target listeners across multiple SiriusXM platforms; satellite radio, streaming music, and podcasts.

The company says they will use an algorithm that accepts and matches a variety of consented listener signals and inputs then weighs them accordingly, this new identity solution responds to ad requests by finding or creating unique, anonymized AudioIDs. These IDs can then be tapped into for everything from reach and forecasting to frequency capping, advanced first-party targeting, enhanced measurement, and more.

_“Today’s announcement exemplifies the power of joining together advertising solutions from SiriusXM, Pandora, Stitcher, and AdsWizz. We have always led the way when it comes to audio advertising. From running the first-ever streaming audio ad on Pandora to launching our Stand for Sonic Diversity initiative, we take our leadership position very seriously. So coming off of a record year, we’re taking another giant leap forward with the introduction of AudioID,” _said John Trimble, Chief Revenue Officer, SiriusXM. “With this new identity solution from AdsWizz, we’ll be able to create better experiences for listeners, greater value for creators and publishers, and even more impact for marketers.”

AudioID’s U.S.-based identity launch offering will live within the walls of SXM Media. The product will leverage datasets across the tens of millions of known Pandora, SiriusXM, and Stitcher listeners, matching them to create AudioIDs.

Beginning later in 2022, AudioID will extend SXM Media’s first-party audience targeting to opted-in, off-platform parties across AdsWizz.

_“We are entering a new era of identity – both in culture and in technology – that defines us not by who we are on paper or the cookies we leave behind, but by our interests and passions. AudioID is a consumer-first, privacy-conscious infrastructure that will deliver our audiences the best experiences and give marketers access to data-driven capabilities like never before,” _said Chris Record, Senior Vice President and Head of Ad Product, Technology & Operations at SXM Media & AdsWizz.

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