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Show About Dogs Launches

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Off Leash is from Freakonomics Radio Network hosted by dog-cognition expert and bestselling author Alexandra Horowitz. Each episode opens with a walking interview with a public figure – everyone from actress Isabella Rossellini to broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien to writer Susan Orlean – and, naturally, their dog.

Each conversation leads to an essential question that Horowitz explores in the episode with the help of fellow researchers. For instance: Do dogs care what you name them? Is the concept of a “hero dog” a myth? How can a dog’s keen sense of smell help us understand our own olfactory powers?

“I’m all about dogs, and I never run out of questions about these joyful, mysterious animals,” Horowitz says in the trailer. “But Off Leash is also about the people at the other end of the leash — and the nature of the relationship between us and the dogs who walk by our sides. It’s about living with and among all animals, and the curiosity and reverence that they can inspire in us.”

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