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Should You Publish During The Holidays?

· Time to read: ~1 min

This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

It’s the question podcasters ponder every year…Should I record my show or take a break over the holiday’s? Will people tune out or are they counting on you to be there for them because they’ll have more time? Between today and Christmas we’ll be asking the experts what the answer is. We kick off the series with Hall of Famer Dack Jackson.

Here’s Dave’s advice and experience about recording during the holidays… “The reason I use Overcast to listen to podcasts is years ago Apple “took a break” from having their app work. I went and found Overcast, and I never went back. Record some extra shows and time-release them. Don’t put your audience in a place where they have to go find a podcast to fill the time they usually listen to yours. You want to continue to be part of their routine.”

Dave Jackson is the CEO at the company he created The School of Podcating. Visit his website And, be sure to always listen to Ask The Podcast Coach every week.

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