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New Hosting Platform Launches

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Did the industry need a platform to record short podcasts? Radio industry veteran Tyler Russell McCusker (KX-FM Laguna Beach) says yes and he’s launched a company called Snippet which only hosts shows 20 minutes or less. So far there are 8 shows on the platform.

Russell, who’s the CEO of the company says, “In radio, sometimes you only have twelve seconds to talk over the intro of a song and yet say something meaningful that keeps a listener’s attention. I wanted to bring that same attitude and style to podcast form, where often hosts get carried away with idle chatter, longwindedness and meandering interview skills. Listeners tend to consume podcasts while they are doing something else, like driving, cleaning or working, and it’s unreasonable to think that they’ll have the time and the willingness to commit to a lengthy show. Snippet is the solution to this, and we are excited to share our quality podcasts with our audiences.”

The monetization model is 50% to the host and 50% to Snippet along with additional revenue opportunities in paid sponsorships, testimonials, and brand integrations.

Snippet says it does not shorten existing programs like other services. It does not speed up dialogue like 26% of podcast listeners already do.

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