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She Quit Her TV News Job To Become A Podcaster

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Meet Erica Mandy. Today Erica is running a multiple six-figure podcast business and taking home more money than she made working for the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles.And she is also now one of the most successful podcasters in the space.

You can hear Erica’s story of how she became a successful podcaster and how she’s making money doing what she loves at “How to Make Real Money Podcasting.”

After 10 years in broadcast journalism, which culminated with a job in the second-largest news market in the country, Erica Mandy had heard from too many people that news felt overly depressing, time-consuming, and biased, and she wanted to try to help solve those problems. So she took a big career risk by quitting her TV job and starting a new podcast.

In 2017 Erica left the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles and launched her podcast The NewsWorthy. The 10-minute short-form daily podcast combines Erica’s love for news with her upbeat and positive delivery style.

In addition to being available on all podcast platforms, Erica sends out her daily news podcast by e-mail to subscribers by 4 a.m. The podcast is accompanied by a professionally written and well-sourced daily newsletter that details the national stories Erica covers in the podcast.

The NewsWorthy has been written up by Fast Company, Harper’s Bazaar,  _WWD, _and  The Penny Hoarder. It’s also been featured in Apple Podcast’s New & Noteworthy. And, in 2020 Erica went over the 10 million download mark. Listen and subscribe to The NewsWorthy HERE.

Mandy says, “I’m grateful we’ve been able to grow our audience and team into a sustainable business and podcast because it allows us to continue doing what we love: providing real value to our listeners on a daily basis. Our main motivation is hearing from listeners who feel less anxiety about the news, who voted for the first time, or who are having better, more informed conversations with friends, families, and co-workers. It makes all the risks and hard work over the last few years worthwhile, and we’re excited for continued growth and expansion in the future.”

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