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She Launched to Help Her Husband Sleep

· Time to read: ~2 min

This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Taesha Glasgow says that her husband was having trouble sleeping during the height of the pandemic and they joked that her voice could help him sleep. It turns out they were right, and four months later they launched Just Sleep.

The first episode premiered on February 26, 2021 and has over 60 thousand downloads since then without spending a penny on ads. Here’s how Taesha did it in her words:

I did quite a bit of research before starting the podcast. I realised that my voice is a little deeper than most female podcast hosts in this space so there would be a point of differentiation. I also wanted to start the show with more popular stories so it would help with the discoverability of the podcast. We release twice a week and have been consistent with that schedule. I submitted the podcast just about everywhere in the beginning. I noticed that our podcast host featured a few podcasts in their newsletter so I reached out and asked if they would feature ours and they did!  I did the same with a remote recording software Squadcast. At the very start, I also posted in a couple of Facebook groups like She Podcasts.

She says the episodes typically run 30-40 minutes long with no guests. She records herself reading a story with a RODE NT USB mic, Audacity, and her laptop while her husband does the editing.

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