She Launched To Give People Hope


The editorial team here The Podcast Business Journal is pretty lucky. We get to read fascinating stories, on a daily basis, about why so many of you decided to launch a podcast. It’s one of our fringe benefits.

We started this series about six months ago and have heard so many great stories, covering nearly every niche topic, from people all of all ages and from countries all around the world. Today’s story is one of the best.

16 years ago, three months after her wedding, Caryn Sullivan found out she had breast cancer. She was 31 years old. Nine years later the cancer returned. “As a 2x breast cancer survivor by 40 years old, cancer taught me a lot of life lessons, so I wrote a book titled “Happiness through Hardship” to share my stories, thoughts and resources to help others. During my book tour, several people commented that while they didn’t have cancer, they took my messages to heart and it helped them.”

Hearing from those people inspired Caryn to launch a podcast by the same name, “Happiness through Hardship.” “I interview people about their hardships and how they found joy during their journey in life. So far, I’ve interviewed a variety of guests: national broadcasters, WNBA superstars, influencers, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, non-profit educators and more…We’ve covered topics on infertility, dementia, ALS, homeschooling, sleep issues, stress, job loss, cancer, COVID, 911 and more.”

Caryn launched in May of 2020 right in the midst of COVID19 knowing that people might need to hear a little bit of positivity to make them smile or give them hope. “The goal of the podcast, and the reason I started the podcast, was to provide inspiration and hope as well as resources and information to help others help themselves. Through both my cancer experiences, when I’ve tapped into positivity, healthy living and gratitude it’s helped me be resilient and find a little bit of happiness. One of my favorite parts of the podcast is at the end, all episodes conclude with a special segment that I call “The Grateful Game” that I play with each guest.”

Listen to the podcast HERE
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