SHE Did It!


What an amazing accomplishment. Kudos to our friends at She Podcasts for raising over $25,000 to launch the first ever podcast for women. The total as of this morning was $38,737.

She Podcasts, the online Facebook community with over 12,000 women podcasters, has successfully crowdfunded their first women’s podcasting conference, which will be held in Atlanta this fall. The conference, part education and part retreat, will be the first women’s event that focuses on independent podcasters as well as those who come from the broadcasting space.

The Kickstarter was funded without mention of speakers, sponsors or even a venue. Since then, they have announced that the event will be held at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis on October 11, 12, and 13 2019.

Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar, co-founders of She Podcasts, have already announced an opportunity for free 1:1 podcast coaching by providing a station where successful female podcast consultants will be available for Q&A. In addition, they’re offering a program called “Pitch Your Pants Off,” where attendees can apply to be chosen to pitch their show to podcast advertising agencies. They also plan on having a ticket donation program, so that attendees can contribute additionally to help facilitate the participation of someone who would financially otherwise be unable to attend.

Escobar said, “This event, and even this community, are an example of the type of impact podcasters can make when we reach out and make our voices heard. That’s why it’s so important that we create this conference. So all women’s voices have a chance of making the same kind of impact.”

Kupferman added, “Every single woman in the She Podcasts community is amazing. Not just because of their generosity, which is vast. But because of their passion for their projects as well as their peers. This is truly a group of women who work tirelessly to make sure we can all say what we need to say.”

There are 4 content tracks at this time, including:
Start – Everything you’ll need to know in order to start a podcast.
Refine – Getting your show right once it’s off the ground and focusing in on the best content possible.
Grow – Learning how to market your show and grow an audience.
Accomplish – How to steer your podcast in the direction of your personal and/or professional goals.

TODAY is the very last day you can get Early Bird tickets – because when the Kickstarter is over, the prices will be going up. This event is also offering an opportunity to donate tickets to someone less fortunate – so even if attendees end up not being able to make it, they can pass it forward.

Consider purchasing a ticket to pass it forward or grab your tickets now!


  1. Factually incorrect article. She Podcasts is NOT the “first women’s podcasting conference” WerkIt has been running for 3 years.

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