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Democratic Presidential Podcast Appearances

Great work by Podchaser here. They’ve ranked Democratic presidential candidates based off of their total podcast airtime. You may find it surprising how many podcasts the candidates appeared on.

Outlier Scholarships Available

Ever Gonzalez wants everyone to know that, for the second year in a row, Podchaser has set up a scholarship fund to help podcasters attend his Outlier Podcast Festivals.

Triton Puts Omny Into Podchasher

Triton Digital is now integrating its Omny Studio podcast publishing platform with podcast database and discovery platform Podchaser. 

Different Is Better

On the latest episode of The School of Podcasting Dave Jackson discusses why being different is a good thing and he interviews Cole Raven from Podchaser. LISTEN.

7 Percent of Podcasts Produced By Veterans

That's according to LukkyGo Productions which set out to estimate the likely number of podcasts produced or involve current or former members of the U.S. Military.

“Charlie Saves Christmas” For All The Family

LukkyGo Productions, creator of the HappyGoLukky Podcast and co-founder of the PodiconGo Family Podcasting Network, has launched Charlie Saves Christmas.

What Equipment Do You Really Need?

Microphones, mixers, headphones, recording software, where to host, what your budget should be. Brian Benton does one of the best jobs we've ever seen covering it all HERE at The Podchaser.

Candidates Turn To Podcasting

Podchaser has aggregated a list of every podcast episode that has included a personal appearance from one of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. The top five are Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang, Joe Biden, Tim Ryan and Pete Buttigieg. Here's the full list.

Hardcore Podcaster

Our friends at Podchaser tracked down Dan Carlin, the host of one of the most popular - and lengthy - shows in current circulation, Hardcore History.

More Mainstream Coverage For Podcasting

This time the coverage comes from Bloomberg with a very long article entitled "Everybody Makes Podcasts. Can Anyone Make Them Profitable?