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Ron Burgundy Back for Season 4

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The Ron Burgundy Podcast, an iHeart Original from the Big Money Players Network, premiered their first episode of season 4 entitled “Ron Takes the Vaccine.” The continuing adventures of Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy is a delight for comedy fans everywhere.

The first episode of a planned 12-episode season features Ron and his co-host Carolina Barlow discussing the pandemic and a (made up) VIP Celebrity Vaccine. For the rest of the season the show will feature Ron talking in ridiculous fashion about trending topics of the day like Tik Tok and healthy lifestyle choices.

Here are some helpful quotes from the first episode to give you a flavor of the show.

Episode Highlights:

  • “I have the vaccine. And guess what, I will be taking it live on today’s episode of the podcast…Well, I’m taking the VIP vaccine. Not everyone has heard of this brand …it’s a secret vaccine that is a hybrid of all the other vaccines. It’s a very VIP service and comes with bottle service. You have to pay extra for that, but that’s ok.” - Ron Burgundy

  • “I don’t know how to report this but everything I’m about to tell you is real. There are women named Pam who are missing all over the world – VANISHING into thin air. We are experiencing a TRUE PAMdemic.” - Ron Burgundy

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