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Rogan Says He Will Not Interview Trump

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Joe Rogan made news this week when he said he’s turned down several requests from former President Donald Trump to appear on his program. There’s been no response yet from Trump who typically goes right after anyone who takes a shot at him. Here’s what Rogan said…

On Lex Fridman’s podcast Rogan said, “I’m not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form,” Rogan said Monday during an interview on Lex Fridman’s podcast. I’ve had the opportunity to have Trump on my show more than once — I’ve said no, every time. I don’t want to help him. I’m not interested in helping him.”

Rogan went on to say the Trump era is going to be one of the weirder times. “When people look back historically about the division in this country, he’s such a polarizing figure that so many people felt like they could abandon their own ethics and morals and principles just to attack him and anybody who supports him because he is an existential threat to democracy itself.”

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