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RODECaster Pro Bundles

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I have helped launch over 150 podcasts and I can say that the RODECaster Pro is the best podcast console on the planet.

I have given it to 3 of my clients and I use it myself.

Most of the ones listed on Amazon are NOT AUTHORIZED.

The Official RODE website says:

“NO FBA reseller (FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON) on Amazon is authorized.

If you purchase… from an unauthorized dealer or via Fulfilled By Amazon or any other method you will not receive any US warranty or technical support.”

Why Should You Buy Your RODECaster Pro Bundle from Me?

-I work with an Authorized Dealer

-Full time Podcast Coach and Consultant for 4+ years

-Founded the largest RODECaster Pro Facebook Group, now with 823 members and growing

-Recommend the RODECaster Pro to my clients often when it suits their needs

BONUSES When You Shop With Me:

-Free no-pressure 15 minute video call to answer your pre-purchase questions

-Free 15 minute setup and testing session when your console arrives

You can contact me here to get a bundle customized to your needs:

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