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Rob Greenlee Leaves Podbean

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This is an archived page from 2023. Find out more

After only 90 days with the company, Rob Greenlee is no longer with hosting company Podbean. Greenlee had joined Podbean in December as SVP for Content and Partnerships. Before Podbean, Greenlee worked for Libsyn and Spreaker.

Here’s what the long-time podcaster told PBJ: “The change is driven by my desire to focus on being a content creator again and helping other media creators to get started, promote/grow and potentially monetize their shows regardless of the platform they host on.  For me to be a trusted partner I need to be seen as unbiased in my view on distribution and monetization tools. Over my last 3 roles I have been put in a position of directing people to a particular hosting platform that may or may not been the correct decision.  I prefer to be a trusted and unbiased consultant of sorts towards the best solution for content creators of all the available options. I am looking for shows and creators I can help make the best choices for them.

Greenlee says he’s starting a new Podcast Network Consulting business called Spoken Life Media, LLC (Spoken Life Network).  And announcing that he’s the Co-Founder/Partner at

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