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Ricky Gervais Has Gone 'Mental'

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From Deadline, Ricky Gervais is planning to get back into the podcast business with a paid series called Absolutely Mental with neuroscientist Sam Harris who tries to answer Ricky’s somewhat random life questions.

He hasn’t had a podcast in a while but in 2007 The Ricky Gervais Show was named the world’s most downloaded podcast by the Guinness Book of World Records. According to the press release, he’ll be asking questions about dreams, free will, death, the robot apocalypse, bears, the perils of celebrity, and the future of comedy.

Absolutely Mental, which will feature 11 episodes, all available at launch, will cost $14.99. The episodes, available from, will be between 30-40minutes long and listeners will be able to air them on the major podcast apps.

In the website trailer, he asks questions like “what are dreams for?”, When does a baby start thinking", and “why do we fear death if there’s no afterlife?”

Gervais told Deadline, “These aren’t academic lectures. They are casual chats about how it feels to be human. Evolution, the mind-body problem, spirituality, morality, mortality, the pursuit of happiness, and free speech. And by ‘free’, I mean $14.99.”

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