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Reviews, Blogging And Testimonials

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Traci Long DeForge covers those three topics in her latest column for PBJ. Full of new ideas after attending She Podcasts Live, Traci is ready to tackle all of your podcasting questions.

Q: Is it possible to leave reviews for a podcast on listening platforms other than Apple Podcasts? Traci: As of right now, it’s not possible to leave reviews on every podcast listening app or platform. The most popular way to review a podcast is by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts. You can also leave reviews on Castbox, Podchase, and Podcast Addict. These may not be as popular listening destinations like Spotify or Google Podcasts, but there’s no downside to a positive 5 star review on any platform!

Q: How can I use testimonials or reviews to promote my podcast? Traci: First, don’t forget that testimonials and reviews can come from other places other than Apple podcasts and no matter where they originated they provide you great content for promotion. It’s important to know this is an option because podcasters have a tendency to think if they didn’t get the actual review on Apple Podcasts it doesn’t count. When you receive positive messages from your audience through DM’s, texts or email, it is considered a testimonial. I recommend collecting feedback on your show through polls, Google forms, comments on social media or collecting audio clips from your website using a resource like SpeakPipe and turning that feedback into graphic tiles to post in social media and on your website.

One idea is to create a graphic in a resource like Canva, put five gold stars across the top, put the quote of the positive feedback in the center and add in your show’s cover art. You can use the person’s full name with their permission or you can choose to use a first initial or first name, last initial, etc. If you have an audio clip of the review - create the graphic as an audiogram and post it with the audio. This gives you a different style of visual post to put into rotation on your social media and it encourages others to write positive feedback in the comments which you can use in future review promotion.

Q: Should I blog first and then record my episode or record and then create a blog from the transcript? Traci: This is solely dependent on one thing; Your personal preference for how you enjoy creating content Please note, I said, “How you enjoy creating content” - not the best way to repurpose content. I, personally, prefer recording my podcasts first and then taking the transcripts and editing them into blogs, industry trade articles and social media posts. I’m not patient enough to write my content first, so I find it easier to edit after the recording, especially since my podcast is already being transcribed to create show notes.

A breakdown of this content repurposing strategy looks like:

  1. Record your episode
  2. Transcribe your episode
  3. Review transcription and create show summary notes and social media posts
  4. Extract text from transcription into blog post or article for Medium, Thrive Global or other industry publications

If you are more comfortable creating content first in the written format, you can use this content repurposing method in reverse. Write your full blog post before you record your episode. Once you’ve finished your blog, you can user it for a template for your guest interview or use it as a script or talking points for a solo episode. Recording yourself reading your blog is a great way to create a bonus episode outside of your typical Q and A format and creates extra content to share out to promote your show

TIP: If you write your blog first and then interview your guest, wait until after the interview is completed before you publish the post so you can add in a quote from guest in the episode and hyperlink to the podcast episode to cross promote both your blog and your podcast on your website!

Traci DeForge, founder and CEO of Produce Your Podcast. Along with her newest venture,MyPodcastBiz, Traci is the host of Journey to There and Talking Finance and co-host of Ask Brien on KHTS AM 1220 in L.A. She is also the Executive Producer of The Personal Finance Podcast Network. Reach Traci by e-mail at

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