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Resound Raises $1.35M to Automate Podcast Editing

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Resound, a new editing app that claims to automatically removes umms and ahhhs from podcasts, has raised $1.35M in pre-seed funding.

Investors include Render Capital, Keyhorse Capital, Lunsford Capital, Bluegrass Angels, Hidden Ventures, Rounsavall Investments, Garrett French, and Commonwealth Seed Capital.

“We’ve learned from first-hand experience how tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating editing your podcast can be. Many podcasters report it takes them three to four hours to edit a one-hour podcast,” said Jacob Bozarth, Resound’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Resound exists to save creators time so they can automatically edit the mistakes out of their show in minutes, not hours.”

The beta version of Resound will be released at the end of August. You can join the waiting list at


Riggs -

This isn’t a new idea. offers filler word removal, deleting ums, ahhs, etc. They already have thousands of podcasters using their product. And Descrip has other editing features that are even more sophisticated. The Resound guys aren’t even up and running yet.

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