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Repod Communities Launches

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

The social podcast app Repod has launched Repod Communities, which they say is a platform for podcasters to “engage, monetize, and turn their listeners into community.” Here’s what the company says you will get if you join their platform:

  • Offer memberships by creating tiers and benefits, much like Patreon
  • Import a private/premium RSS feed (i.e. Patreon)
  • Create a public or private discussion room
  • Offer free membership trials
  • Tipping
  • Collect membership shipping address information for fulling merch (stickers, T-shirts, etc,)
  • Episode discussions
  • Connect with other podcasters in a “podcasters only” discussion room
  • Grow their community by building next to other podcaster communities

Here are a few of the podcasts Repod says it is partnering with:

  • Imaginary Worlds
  • The Industry
  • Classic Movie Musts
  • Feelin’ Film
  • Classic Movie Musts
  • True Crime This Week
  • The Dark Tapes
  • Lost In The Woods
  • Knock Once For Yes
  • Ghostlore of Hawaii
  • The Golden Ghouls
  • Perhaps It’s You
  • The Dark Paranormal

More details HERE.

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