Raleigh Will Soon Have A Nifty Podcast Studio


Angela Connor started her career as a journalist and thought she would die in a newsroom because she never imagined she’d do anything other than work as a multimedia journalist. However, she says, she’s seen nothing but change throughout her career in media and always found herself leading new initiatives, building new departments, and playing a big role in communicating change.

When she did leave the daily journalism world in 2010, she entered an equally fast-paced industry – marketing and advertising. There she went from Social Media Manager in 2010, to Executive Vice President of Audience Engagement, in a five-year span.

Today, Angela owns her own boutique PR firm in Raleigh, produces the Women Inspiring Women Conference she created last year, and now she’s opening the Triangle Podcast Studio.

The studio will be located in Cary, NC, in the heart of what’s known as the Triangle region which includes Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

PBJ: Why did you decide to open a podcast studio?
Angela: I decided to open a podcast studio because there is simply a need for high-quality, hassle-free recording for all of the creative show hosts and producers out there who are doing it on their own in ways that don’t provide the results they could easily achieve with upgraded equipment and a studio home to call their own. I live in an area experiencing massive growth with some of the smartest, talented people, and more are coming every day. As someone who seeks to build community and who pays attention to trends and what’s happening around me, I thought “why not?” and “why not me?” I have the experience and the network and have built up a lot of trust in my community. People know if I do something, I’m going to do it right. I have always invested my time and energy in go-getters as their manager, mentor, or friend and I look forward to doing that on a large scale.

PBJ: Tell us about what the studios will have?
Angela: I’m not ready to divulge all the details in terms of specific equipment, but I can tell you that we will be able to accommodate a show host and up to three live guests. Another service I’m really excited about is podcast editing with a 24-hour turnaround. Memberships will unlock additional amenities that will be announced to those who’ve signed up for updates and have reached out to me directly expressing interest in the coming weeks and as April approaches. Set-up will be relatively easy and those looking for video opportunities won’t be disappointed.

PBJ: Why do you believe there’s a need for studios and how often do you believe yours will be used?
Angela: I know there is need anecdotally and based on what I’ve seen as an agency owner and someone with a podcast myself. There are multimillion dollar brands recording podcasts in their closets, and I know this for certain.

PBJ: How will you get the word out about the studios?
Angela: I do PR for a living and I have a vast network of friends, colleagues, former colleagues, current and former clients, and people who care about this kind of thing. In terms of getting the word out, I’m treating myself like a client and doing what I do for brands to help them get noticed and attract earned media opportunities. I do suspect some word of mouth will be part of the growth as well. I’m hoping to have people in the studio every single day, and even on some weekends when we’re open and demand grows.

Reach out to Angela by email at hello@trianglepodcaststudio.com or angela@changeagentcommunications.com. She can also be reached on LinkedIn as Angela Connor and @communitygirl on Twitter.